A Different Angle

After almost exclusively blogging on the Radical Progress blog for about two years, I feel that blog has reached a settled point. I also may have reached a personal turning point. This new sub-domain will be more personal, less theoretical than RP.

The new angle came up for me after representing Illinois Yearly Meeting for the fourth time at Friends General Conference Central Committee. That experience was so inspiring, as they all have been, that I felt a lift in my sense of direction. For over a year, I’ve been focused on pursuing an academic career as a political philosopher. That sense of direction is undergoing an evolution within me.

I am now considering whether I should be following an even more primal sense of who I am, that of minister. As a Pentecostal preacher’s kid, I always expected to go into preaching as a career. That dream passed away when I was around 34 years old and left Christianity.

I am still post-Christian, but my work with Quakers over the past few years have convinced me that my future my still be one of ministry, albeit in a different form. I intend to use this space to explore what that means. You’re welcome to join me and read along.


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