The Mouth Only a Mother Could Love

There’s an amusing old wordy definition of a kiss I learned as a kid. “The juxtaposition of two obricularis oris muscles in a state of contraction.” My upper obricularis oris muscle was once in two or three pieces, it seems. I was born with a condition that in the politically incorrect times of the early […]

About That Bookshelf

On my bookshelf there are three kinds of books. First, are “the ones before I lost God.” Then, those that came after that. Finally, there are my wife’s books. She never lost God. One of the “before” books about faith-healing reminds me of Gary. We’d talk for hours about Jesus, Marxism, sex, and our fathers. […]

Unclear(ed) Thoughts on Ministry

Quakers in my tradition use a practice called “clearness committee” to explore various individual decisions, such as membership in a meeting and marriage. A person or couple meets with a committee to help them reach clearness on their decision. I am trying to reach clearness on my sense of calling to ministry, but what I […]