The Universalist Imperative: A Radical Quaker Perspective

The world we share with billions of humans and countless plant, animal, and other life-forms is facing multiple social, industrial, ecological, and political crises on an unprecedented global scale. The various religions and philosophies that humans have created to knit communities and form alliances on local, regional, national, and even to a limited degree internationally […]


Dear Friends, Last night I had an unusual experience and I’d welcome some insight. For the past 7 years I have been “out” as a nontheist Quaker. I was raised a Pentecostal preacher’s kid and embraced what I would’ve called a “radical” variant on that tradition that included pacifism, feminism, and socialism. Pentecostalism is an […]

A Radical Quaker Confronts the Creeds

Fellow Quaker Callid Keefe Perry posted some presentation notes he used for a class on the early Christian creeds. Callid and other Christian Quakers find themselves attracted to some aspects of early creeds for reasons that are understandable, but in the interest of friendly dialogue, I will post a dissenting viewpoint. First of all, to […]