The Name of My Love Is Teresa

  (Note: This posting will be a departure from my usual offering. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of marriage to my wife, Teresa, I feel moved to express something of the grand journey we have shared.) To find someone who loves you with patience and commitment for three entire decades is an astounding […]

Love, Trinity, and Goddess

This is a response I wrote to a conversation among Quakers on the trinity. I begin with an ultimate commitment to love as my divine guide, which I seek to incarnate in my actions. Love is a cosmic potential within everything. Love cannot exist as a pure isolated deity, and must be always in relation […]

Quakerism Becoming a Universalism

Quakerism today is a religious society that traces its origins to the followers of Jesus described in early Christian texts. The term “Christian” was coined some decades after the movement formed. The earliest self-identification was “the way”. It drew on Hebrew prophetic religion, but also on a sense of a new universal era of world […]