Love, Trinity, and Goddess

This is a response I wrote to a conversation among Quakers on the trinity.

I begin with an ultimate commitment to love as my divine guide, which I seek to incarnate in my actions. Love is a cosmic potential within everything. Love cannot exist as a pure isolated deity, and must be always in relation and interpersonal. The concept of the trinity was an attempt to correlate the complexities of the divine ideal with the stories of Israel and Jesus and his followers.

Roughly speaking, the “Father” was the religious experience of the Hebrew people from their misty Edenic origins into and through captivity towards emancipation. The “Son” was the experience of the character of Jesus and his earliest followers. “Spirit” was the energy these followers derived from within the depths of their lives as they had to learn to live after the experience of the death of Jesus. And these three are one, emancipator, sacrificer, and deepener.

What is missing for me in this is the divine feminine. How can one serve love without honoring the spirit of motherhood, sisterhood, and half the human race within one’s divine symbolism? I turn to non-Christian myths to help me imagine this feminine power, such as Gaia, Kwan Yin, Ma-at, and Medicine Woman. As in the Trinity, all these are one.

Male and female are ultimately temporal distinctions and all reality flows freely and richly within the cosmic journey. Love is always being born anew, and guiding those who seek its light.


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