Love and the Infinite Cosmic Mystery

1-everyblackhoIf I could start my own religion, it would be dedicated to the creation of perfect love within the world. Its creation story would imagine that the infinite cosmic mystery is our loving Great-Grandmother who birthed our universe, and this universe is our Grandmother who birthed all the stars, such as our Mother Sun, whose energy makes us all possible. Of course, there are negative forces of death and destruction in this universe, but they are ultimately part of the mystery and the process of time will reshape all that is past into new unimaginable futures.

I name the goddess of my new religion the Spirit of Love, whom I serve and for whom I seek to bring about a perfect new world. She heals the broken, nurtures newborn life, and guides us to follow our hearts in caring for all species and places. She can be fierce as a lioness in defending the innocent and vulnerable.

Of course, my scientific mind reminds me that this is all imagery and projection. The cosmos is a single continuum of physical processes, and our organic existence will one day perish into entropy. However, it seems to me that if the process of existence were truly finite, it would have ended long ago. It may be possible that this is the only universe and its death will mean the end of everything. However, I can’t imagine that this is the only scientific conclusion. I am left with the unverifiable possibility that there are an infinite number of universes all birthing and dying endlessly throughout the vast limitless multiverse. In our universe, it is love that calls my soul, love to heal, to forgive, to transform, to seek communion. It may all be just a random perturbation in the cosmic background, but if love, that wonderful fulfillment of our beings can come into existence just once, it can come into existence in countless universes, worlds without end. Love never ceases.


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