REBLOG: Love Stories, Etc. / Episodes of My Life

[This posting is being relocated from a discontinued site. It was written a few months ago.]

It is difficult for me to summarize my ir/religious path, though listing some of labels I currently accept as at least partially correct might help. Ex-Pentecostal, Universalist, Pantheist, Mystic, Naturalist, Quaker, & Communist cover a lot of the territory, but no list of terms can ever describe a life. Above all, I hope that I am becoming over time a more loving human being.

I’ve written several postings that try to cover this wild territory that only I have really traveled, and I am sure that I barely know it myself. One of the deepest mysteries is our own selves. This posting will collect and link to those postings that seem most able to share something of who I am with those who care to know me better.

Since these pieces were written over a long span of time, it seems necessary to position myself as well as I can in the present. Like a quantum particle, though, my position and velocity are really indeterminate. Doubtless, my journey is not at an end, and that is very comforting.

Today, I live in Evanston, Il, a suburb of Chicago in which I first lived in the late 80s and early 90s. I am a member of a Quaker meeting where I have attended silent worship regularly since 1997. I came out to my meeting as a nontheist in 2005, which while not very common among Friends, is common enough. Last May, I decided to take a sabbatical from my meeting and become involved in a post-Christian Black congregation. I am also nurturing connections with a small group of ex-Christians in the city.

And, now in reverse chronological order, samples of my self-reflections:

10/16/13   Am I Any Kind of Theist?

“I serve the creative good that I discern through a process of creative interchange with other beings.”

7/6/13 Love’s Rebellion

“What I once viewed as cosmology – “God is Love” – has been turned into futurology – “Love must become the Divine Reality.”

12/18/12 Love and the Infinite Cosmic Mystery

“In our universe, it is love that calls my soul, love to heal, to forgive, to transform, to seek communion.”

11/28/12 The Name of My Love Is Teresa

“To find someone who loves you with patience and commitment for three entire decades is an astounding gift.”

11/22/12 How Prozac (& Pychotherapy) Saved my Brain (& the Rest of Me)

“I still have this little glowing undying ember of *contentment* lodged firmly in my innermost soul.”

7/7/12 “goddess”

“This was a communion with a presence that was not ordinary memory or thought or feeling, though it was all of those things.”

6/29/12 The Mouth Only a Mother Could Love

“I was born with a condition that in the politically incorrect times of the early to mid 1960s was called a “hare-lip.”

6/22/12 About That Bookshelf

“On my bookshelf there are three kinds of books.”

6/9/12 Unclear(ed) Thoughts on Ministry

“I will seek a position in any liberal Quaker meetings that hire ministers, as well as Unitarian, Humanist, and other liberal religious congregations.”

4/13/12 To Be or Not To Be A Marxist

“Though I am profoundly influenced by Marx & Marxists, I also have serious reservations about calling myself a Marxist.”

2/7/12 The Name Game: What’s My “Line?”

“I probably think a bit too much about political issues, and labels.”

1/13/12 Better Than Perfect Magic

“The way they told me the story was something like this, though I’ll probably get a few things wrong.”

11/9/11 Divinity: A Nontheist Take

“One of the key convictions I’ve held since deconversion is that neither religion nor atheism do anything to guarantee either intelligence, character, or sound judgment.”

11/6/11 Philosopher / Activist / Minister

“Last year, while discussing my sense of direction with friends, I described my vocation(s) as a blend of philosopher, activist, and minister.”

2/25/11 This Earthling’s Philosophy: Confessions of a Radical Quaker

“Reading my first book on religious philosophy and learning of the powerful ideas of Aquinas, Hegel, and Kierkegaard set me on a path seeking universal truths and the meaning of life.”

6/13/10 The Infinite Depths of Radical Love

“A life that centered itself on the breadth and depth of infinite compassion would be a life with endless purpose.”

5/21/10 The Emancipation of Love Itself

“We are seekers of love, even when life has warped our souls.”

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