Fragments of an Ecstatic Realism

Does any god exist?

Why has nearly all humanity been theists?

Are those who deny theism simply wrong?

Both theist and atheist are partly right!

The mystics say that god cannot be said to exist or not to exist, for existence is a finite category inapplicable to being beyond the finite. The orthodox say that god exists as a non-physical intelligent being. The mystics hold that non-physical, intelligence, and being are all finite categories that cannot be imposed on that which is beyond finitude. The indescribable unutterable mystery which is neither existent nor non-existent, intelligent nor intelligible, being nor nothingness, simply defies our finite minds.

We seek truth when we should seek love. Truth is only realized when it is enfolded in love. We cannot know truth perfectly, certainly never infinitely. We can love without boundary, overflowing from the depths of our inward divine bliss outwards towards all being and beings. Love does not cancel truth; it positions truth within the vast interrelational cosmos in which we exist. To reduce truth to facts and equations is to erase the throbbing heart of our very lives, leaving only the shell of a sentient observer, not the mystical magical fabulous creative divinity that we embody.

Love is a fragile, diaphonous goddess who requires constant care and freedom and sabbath-rest to manifest her eternal life. She lives throughout every fiber of this cosmos, within us and beyond us, birthing us and releasing us to evolve into our unpredictable future divine manifestations. In infinite universes cascading in infinite perichoresis of an infinite multiverse, she is born and dies every moment in new forms, giving birth and dancing and mourning each and every death. Worlds without end.


One thought on “Fragments of an Ecstatic Realism

  1. “Existence” is not a property.
    What we mean when we say that “___ exists” is that ‘___ interacts with what we do and experience.’
    God exists in that sense. You may not know this, but I do; and generally ‘mystics’ are perfectly willing to say so. There is, of course, considerable wiggle-room as to how God interacts with us and the physical ‘reality’ SHe creates us ‘in’…
    If one doesn’t trust God to be a better person than we are, if one buys into concepts like the Gotcha-God of popular imagination, infinitely vindictive and envious of our genitilia and what we hope to do with them — then one is strongly motivated to deny God any credence. But that is not what I’ve found messin with my life… and living me in this story.

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