basilea ho theon

It was a promise

The poor would be given a revolutionary society

The hungry would be given a satisfying provision

The suffering would be joyful

The persecuted vindicated

It was an execution

The rich hated revolutionaries

The bloated class hated well-fed peasants

The entertained hated real happiness

The persecutors lynched a leader

It was a subjugation

The poor were scattered in their fear

The hungry driven to renewed desperation

The suffering cast into shattering sadness

The persecuted were utterly defeated

From within this hopelessness, came a vision

From within destruction, came a power

From within death itself, came an aliveness

It was a reconstitution

The poor envisioned a revolution

The hungry envisioned satisfaction

The suffering envisioned joyfulness

The persecuted envisioned vindication

It will be a transformation

The poor will be poor no more

The hungry will be hungry no more

The suffering will suffer no more

The persecuted will be vindicated

It will only take time


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