Even Christians Don’t Worship the Same G-D


Maybe I should know better, but I can’t help jumping in where angels fear to tread?

In response to those Christians who say Muslims do not worship the same God as they do, I pointed out that there is more than one God worshipped by Christians as a Facebook status. I wrote:

All Christians don’t even worship the same G-D. Think about it.

Even among sincere Christians, there are differences of understanding of who or what god is.

This drew several friends into the topic, but my mother and sister took me on quite directly. My mother wrote:

Most rely on the Bible. Jesus said that he came to show us the Father. “If ye have seen me, ye have seen the Father.”

Jesus was kind, caring, powerful, gentle, concerned, loving, and had many, many more good qualities.

Thus, God is also good, kind, caring, etc. He is also the Judge of all the earth.

Which of these do you have trouble with?

Your earthly father was good and kind much of the time, but he was far from perfect, as your heavenly Father is

To which I responded:

Mom, I have no problem with caring, kindness, power, gentleness, lovingness. All those things are wonderful. I do not see those qualities in Drumpf or Ted Cruz. For the record, I don’t see them in HRC and only a glimmer of them in Bernie Sanders.

The fear of Muslims is driving the politics of the right just as surely as an earlier iteration was driven by anti-communism. Both of those ideologies are Satanic deceptions that drive even sincere Christians away from the loving, healing, and transforming gospel of Jesus and the kingdom of heaven on earth.

One of my friends offered his view that the culture wars was a dispute between sincerely held beliefs, to which I responded:

Being sincerely wrong, however, is a real world problem. The Christian Right is dangerous.

Which drew the following moving response from my sister:

I guess I’m dangerous! 😜 cause I am Radically saved, delivered and healed. If anybody wants to know who God has been to me, hmu. As a matter of fact, let me tell you about one time: I was 13 and angry cause my mom left my dad and I stayed with my dad who was crying over her every day. I went to this camp service and reluctantly finally went to the altar. When I kneeled down I started weeping and I looked up because I thought someone was wrapping an electric blanket around me. I guess it was my invisible, made up God showing me comfort and strength when I needed it most. I guess I bawled like a baby in an embrace I needed to create out of my own darkness. Anyhow, that’s the God I know and serve today. You can talk all the crap you want about philosophy and religion, but my God is real, and I know He’s the real, true, Holy, all powerful, God above all g-ds.

To which I responded:

Thank you for that wonderful testimony. I, too, have experienced and continue to experience the transformative power of Jesus in my life, the lives of my friends and family, and the world.

However, the Christian Right is a Satanic perversion of the loving gospel of Jesus. Jesus turned down the kingdoms of the world, miraculous bread from stones, and religious manipulation to embrace a radical mission of healing and love. Drumpf may be a real Christian (though I am sorely tempted to doubt it!), but nothing in his political agenda comes from the prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit. Ted Cruz may be more Christian, but his politics are even worse than Drumpf.

You, my dear sister, are not dangerous, but please don’t vote for either of those guys!

I am entering the UU ministry precisely because I have a calling to spread the revolutionary gospel of universal love which I call “Love’s Communism.” If you want to know more, click here and here.


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