On Infinite Transformational Being: Holistic Revolutionary Pandeaism

PANDEAISM is a term constructed thus:




All being is divine or within divinity/god/dess. This infinite being has generated numberless finite transformative conscious beings.

Pandeaism perceives all beings as part of Divinity/God/dess, and some finite beings/characters manifest extraordinary transformative divinity in their lives. The Chinese Bodhisattva Kwan Yin/Guanyin is an inspired character whose narrative came to reside in the consciousness of people seeking a dharmic avatar that enabled taking refuge in the potential of limitless merciful compassion which emerges from within the infinite cosmos itself. Jesus of Nazareth is an inspired messianic rebellion narrative of global transformative love. Karl Marx applied Hegelian dialectics to an historical trajectory of political and economic systems to project a desirable possible future Communism of generous mutuality and creative freedom. These are only three pivotal transformative characters from within the vast treasury of human traditions.

The divine cosmos is infinite and endlessly diverse, never uniform, though there are finite singularities that converge temporally and emerge from the infinite diversity to birth finite universes like ours, which then expand and precipitate galaxies and star systems. These singularities form endlessly throughout infinity and perhaps only a fraction of the numberless universes generate living beings and consciousness, and yet that is still an uncountable number of living beings and consciousnesses throughout the infinite cosmos throughout endless time throughout numberless universes across immeasurable distances.

In our universe, finite holistic consciousnesses intersubjectively co-create relational compassion and love, the greatest yet known form of living ultimate commitment and thus a divine provision to and for the transformative benefit of sentient beings and their ecological habitats. Infinite nondual divinity is fecund, generous, and manifesting numberless conscious beings.

Pandeaism is nondualist in that everything is simultaneously physical and spiritual. Spiritualistic nondualists inconsistently hold that all matter is actually ultimately only spiritual, beyond physical. Holistic Pandeaism holds that the infinite cosmos is always both physical and spiritual, never only one or the other.

Pandeaism asserts that the infinite cosmos is the endless source of all being in innumerable finite forms that are perceived by finite embodied consciousnesses as spirit emerging from within matter which arose from pure energy which is the original omnipresent reality.

Simple physical energy that is not in solid, liquid, or gaseous state is the infinite source of all finite entities. Consciousness evolves among finite physical entities within ecologically fecund habitats as specific physical entities evolve into living organisms capable of simple communication and learning, the rudiments of consciousness.

Divinity/God/dess is that omnipresent field of simple infinite energy that includes all time, space, matter, and consciousnesses within itself and that generates numberless finite universes and beings from within its dynamic matrix. The Divine is Infinite Being/Energy.

No religion nor atheism can perfectly uphold the transformative fullness of living conscious beings, for the global triumph of radical mutual compassionate loving freedom yet is unfulfilled. Pandeaism is one incomplete articulation of an understanding of the divine reality and its generous provision to communities of living conscious beings.


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