REBLOG: How (Not) To Follow Jesus

[This posting was initially published Dec. 9, 2013 on “We Occupy Jesus,”  a now defunct blog that began during the Occupy Wall Street era for Christians rethinking their faith.] It didn’t entirely make sense. I’d been involved with a church-community for almost 9 years and had come so close to fulfilling my leading to live […]

The Name of My Love Is Teresa

  (Note: This posting will be a departure from my usual offering. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of marriage to my wife, Teresa, I feel moved to express something of the grand journey we have shared.) To find someone who loves you with patience and commitment for three entire decades is an astounding […]

The Mouth Only a Mother Could Love

There’s an amusing old wordy definition of a kiss I learned as a kid. “The juxtaposition of two obricularis oris muscles in a state of contraction.” My upper obricularis oris muscle was once in two or three pieces, it seems. I was born with a condition that in the politically incorrect times of the early […]