Jesus The Question?

  Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me. John Lennon In my teen years there was a popular Christian song, “Jesus is the Answer / For the world today.” But, in my thirties Jesus became a Question for me. As a Pentecostal […]

Looking for a City: A Ministry of Radical Love

============ (This essay was written for my application for Meadville Lombard Theological School admission. I was accepted and will begin my first course this summer.)     The deepest motive I can conceive for beginning a progressive ministry vocation in our world is to advance and expand the potential for creating a community of love on earth […]

Radical Minister Vs. Radical Philosopher?

  I haven’t blogged here for real in months. I am feeling stuck, and am writing to work through it. I’ve dreamed of becoming a preacher since I was in early grade school, possibly even earlier. My father, his father, my mother’s mother, several uncles, an aunt, brother, and a few cousins are or were […]

REBLOG: Atheist Church-Planting?

[This posting was created last fall at a blog page I’ve recently discontinued. It was written while I was active in the founding of Sunday Assembly Chicago. I later withdrew from the local effort, though I am still optimistic about the larger mission of creating inclusive community. A follow-up to this posting will be posted […]

Unclear(ed) Thoughts on Ministry

Quakers in my tradition use a practice called “clearness committee” to explore various individual decisions, such as membership in a meeting and marriage. A person or couple meets with a committee to help them reach clearness on their decision. I am trying to reach clearness on my sense of calling to ministry, but what I […]