REBLOG: Love Stories, Etc. / Episodes of My Life

[This posting is being relocated from a discontinued site. It was written a few months ago.] It is difficult for me to summarize my ir/religious path, though listing some of labels I currently accept as at least partially correct might help. Ex-Pentecostal, Universalist, Pantheist, Mystic, Naturalist, Quaker, & Communist cover a lot of the territory, […]

TIME CAPSULE: “Divinity Evolving”

(Note: This new category tag “Time Capsule” will be used to archive some old blogs, emails, and miscellanea from my years on the ‘net, going back to 1989 on the old Bitnet. Today’s offering is one of the first attempts I made at describing my post-Christian theology circa 1999. It was originally published via WebTV, if […]