Adin Ballou: Unitarian Utopian Socialist

There’s an old left-wing quip that runs “if you aren’t an anarchist in your twenties, you have no heart, and if you aren’t a socialist in your thirties you have no brain.” A more well-known variant puts the terms “liberal” and conservative” in the opposed positions corresponding to immaturity and maturity. Unitarian minister and social […]


basilea ho theon It was a promise The poor would be given a revolutionary society The hungry would be given a satisfying provision The suffering would be joyful The persecuted vindicated – It was an execution The rich hated revolutionaries The bloated class hated well-fed peasants The entertained hated real happiness The persecutors lynched a […]

REBLOG: How (Not) To Follow Jesus

[This posting was initially published Dec. 9, 2013 on “We Occupy Jesus,”  a now defunct blog that began during the Occupy Wall Street era for Christians rethinking their faith.] It didn’t entirely make sense. I’d been involved with a church-community for almost 9 years and had come so close to fulfilling my leading to live […]