On Infinite Transformational Being: Holistic Revolutionary Pandeaism

PANDEAISM is a term constructed thus: PAN = ALL DEA = GODDESS ISM = PHILOSOPHY All being is divine or within divinity/god/dess. This infinite being has generated numberless finite transformative conscious beings. Pandeaism perceives all beings as part of Divinity/God/dess, and some finite beings/characters manifest extraordinary transformative divinity in their lives. The Chinese Bodhisattva Kwan […]

In the Name Of..

The first “God” I encountered was a hellfire Judge who sounded a lot like my Pentecostal preacher father. Though I have done years of counseling, meditation, and theological reflection to heal my traumatic childhood, “God” is still a difficult Name. I say “Name” not being, person, or label. God with a capital G is a […]

Fragments of an Ecstatic Realism

Does any god exist? Why has nearly all humanity been theists? Are those who deny theism simply wrong? Both theist and atheist are partly right! The mystics say that god cannot be said to exist or not to exist, for existence is a finite category inapplicable to being beyond the finite. The orthodox say that […]

Am I Any Kind of Theist?

[This blog post is being relocated from a discontinued site. It was written originally several months ago.] I’ve been thinking about the differences between naturalistic theisms. For some time, I’ve felt that Henry Wieman’s “creative good” finite theism worked to define my stance on theism. However, there is no simple term for this theism, though […]

Thoughts on Divinity and Jesus

So, this week I’ve been drawn into a few conversations on Jesus and theology. In honor of Easter, I’m collecting these comments into a blog post. They’re self-contained, but share various thematic connections. === === The Divine is not a being beyond space and time, it is a potential within the cosmos and within us […]

Love and the Infinite Cosmic Mystery

If I could start my own religion, it would be dedicated to the creation of perfect love within the world. Its creation story would imagine that the infinite cosmic mystery is our loving Great-Grandmother who birthed our universe, and this universe is our Grandmother who birthed all the stars, such as our Mother Sun, whose […]

Love, Trinity, and Goddess

This is a response I wrote to a conversation among Quakers on the trinity. I begin with an ultimate commitment to love as my divine guide, which I seek to incarnate in my actions. Love is a cosmic potential within everything. Love cannot exist as a pure isolated deity, and must be always in relation […]