Revolution and Church?

Micah Bales recently blogged about “Why The Church is Not And Will Not Be Revolutionary.” He writes: If Jesus isn’t a rebel, but rather the Authority, where does that leave us? We’re not radicals or dissidents. We’re loyalists. In the midst of a darkened and confused rebellion, we remember who the king is. The kingdom […]

Adin Ballou: Unitarian Utopian Socialist

There’s an old left-wing quip that runs “if you aren’t an anarchist in your twenties, you have no heart, and if you aren’t a socialist in your thirties you have no brain.” A more well-known variant puts the terms “liberal” and conservative” in the opposed positions corresponding to immaturity and maturity. Unitarian minister and social […]

Peoples’ Communist Bible Study: Luke 6:20-26

20. Then [Jesus] fastened his eyes on his apprentices[1] and said to them: “The poor[2] today can be hopeful[3], because the fulfillment of divine[4] justice[5] is theirs. “You who are now hungering are to be hopeful, because you will be filled. “You who are now weeping can have hope, because one day you will laugh. […]

The Communism of Jesus

I am a Communist because it is the logical outcome of my childhood Pentecostal faith in Jesus. I am a Communist, because Jesus was a Communist. I am not a Christian, because Jesus was not a Christian. Jesus was a Jewish rabbi who mobilized a mass movement to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven on […]