On Infinite Transformational Being: Holistic Revolutionary Pandeaism

PANDEAISM is a term constructed thus: PAN = ALL DEA = GODDESS ISM = PHILOSOPHY All being is divine or within divinity/god/dess. This infinite being has generated numberless finite transformative conscious beings. Pandeaism perceives all beings as part of Divinity/God/dess, and some finite beings/characters manifest extraordinary transformative divinity in their lives. The Chinese Bodhisattva Kwan […]

Love and the Infinite Cosmic Mystery

If I could start my own religion, it would be dedicated to the creation of perfect love within the world. Its creation story would imagine that the infinite cosmic mystery is our loving Great-Grandmother who birthed our universe, and this universe is our Grandmother who birthed all the stars, such as our Mother Sun, whose […]

Love, Trinity, and Goddess

This is a response I wrote to a conversation among Quakers on the trinity. I begin with an ultimate commitment to love as my divine guide, which I seek to incarnate in my actions. Love is a cosmic potential within everything. Love cannot exist as a pure isolated deity, and must be always in relation […]


Dear Friends, Last night I had an unusual experience and I’d welcome some insight. For the past 7 years I have been “out” as a nontheist Quaker. I was raised a Pentecostal preacher’s kid and embraced what I would’ve called a “radical” variant on that tradition that included pacifism, feminism, and socialism. Pentecostalism is an […]